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nceca-should i go?

updated wed 23 dec 98


Frank Gaydos on tue 22 dec 98

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I have never been to a NCECA show...what can I expect?

By all means go to the conference. They are especially great for students as
they have so much stuff to see and do.
The first day is usually spent seeing all the ceramic shows in the various
galleries spread out all over town. This usually includes seeing work done
by your peers as the students at the host school strut their stuff. They
usually have a few buses doing a circuit of all the galleries/museums so you
just wait for the next to arrive and hop on.
The next couple days are spent going to lectures and demonstrations. The
best/worst thing is they schedule two or three at the same time so you must
pick and choose.
You also get to meet all the wonderful clay folks, both on the net and off.
Then the last night they have a big, wild dance party not to be missed.
Though not as wild as the old 'Super Muds' held at Penn State in the 70s!
Also, you get to visit the host city / school and find out how others live
and do things. All in all a wonderful cultural experience.

Frank Gaydos