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over the top & seagrove -- settlins and wood ash

updated fri 28 aug 98


John H. Rodgers on thu 27 aug 98

-- [ From: John H. Rodgers * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

The comments about Seagrove and not necessarily knowing why but knowing it
works, and other comments regarding customers remarks, brought this to mind.

One day in my Alaska shop a lady came in, got the tour, and, as often
happens when customers get the tour, expressed how she had done ceramics and
particularly porcelain. She spotted my partner with a sponge and some water,
just cleaning away on some porcelain greenware figurines, first scraping
moldlines then with sponge and water, washing the greenware with the sponge,
removing all signs of the moldline.

The lady went ballistic!! She said, " You can't do that. You have to fire to
bisque and sand the moldlines off to be sure there are no moldlines when you
are done. You can't use water on the greenware with a sponge! You will ruin
it and leave evidence of the moldlines! My teachers are very experienced and
they taught me correctly and they know!"

To which my partner said, "Oh!" , and took her sponge, dipped it in the
water, and went back to cleaning what was probably at least her 500,000th
piece..........and leaving no moldline.

John Rodgers
'85 GL Vanagon Driver
"God created His best work from clay, shall I strive to do less?"jr