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pink slip under clear glaze

updated mon 21 sep 98


Caryl W. on thu 17 sep 98

I have a white glaze(^6) that I developed ( using Insight) where
pink,plum etc. Mason stains(mixed with water) and applied on the glaze
surface work great. I was hoping that by mixing these stains into a
slip, I could apply straight to the leatherhard greenware,bisque,and
then apply a clear version of this glaze(minus the Superpax)and could
decorate in that fashion. Wrong!!The colour that normally on top of the
glaze would be a gorgeous,deep plum etc. when applied under the glaze in
a slip form becomes a grey.I've tried making slip out of liquified clay
(B-mix/5-the clay body I'm using) thinking that it was the slip formula
itself that was not working(Robin Hoppers ), but the colour still didn't
come true. I don't get it!!The whole idea of slip decoration has always
intrigued me, and while the blues,greens,golds come out great, no
pinks!!Any suggestions?


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Tony Hansen on sun 20 sep 98

Pinks require CaO to develop.
You need a slip that has lots of wollastonite or something.

How about a pink manganese alumina body stain. They are a very nice
color, nice in my opinion than the chrome-tin glaze colors.
You can also get a Doll Porcelain pink stain from Mason that works
well in vitreous slips.

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