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production fantasy

updated mon 12 oct 98


marc mancuso on sun 11 oct 98

>I've seen video of people working in production
>potteries in Germany and the wheel never stops,
>all the wheels are run from a single belt, same
>speed all wheels/all time

Hi all,
As intriguing as the above image is, this whole "production" thread makes
me think of something else entirely. Since these potters can put clay
anywhere they want it, I daydreamed about taking it a little further.

What if two Potters of Remarkable Skill were to sit at facing wheels and
each make the same form simultaneously, like mirror images of one another?
I think it would be utterly amazing to see. I don't think I've even *heard*
of it happening, much less seen it. Even the shaping of a small, shallow
bowl would be a delight to see "double."

There is precedence of such unison in other fields, why shouldn't potters
have a similar activity? There is piano for four hands that requires
astonishing amounts of timing and practice. We accept this as a matter of
course. Other musicians practice to make the same sounds from their
instruments in the same measure. Dancers have their beautiful and matched
choreography. Multiple singers blend their voices into one.

Watching even a single potter form something, no matter whether it takes
seconds or minutes, is breathtaking.... I wonder what it would be like to
actually see two potters in synch.

I can see this in my mind so clearly.... I doubt I'll be able to get it out
of my head over the weekend.

Can anyone else visualize this? Is this interesting only to me?

I well know how much work it would take. Nevertheless, I think this concept
requires far less in the way of (solo) virtuosity than some clay work I've

Ah, well. Hope everyone *else* has a pleasant weekend and spends their
Monday off (those who have it) doing all kinds of fun non-work stuff.


Marc Mancuso
Clay Enthusiast

"Living on Earth is expensive, but it does include a free trip around the sun."