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recommend tile press?

updated thu 8 oct 98


Lana Williams on mon 5 oct 98

I want to purchase a tile press and would like any information on pros/cons of
particular models that clayarters may own. I want to make relief tiles in the
craftsman style for a new house and thought a press would give me some
consistency. I also want to use it for switch plates, decorative tile
mouldings, etc. I know of several plans for them, but since my husband is a
builder, MY projects tend to get put on the back burner!
Thanks for any comments.


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Bob Yost on tue 6 oct 98


I reccomend that you build the press in the hand made tile book by
I have broken too many molds with my cajun press and the north star just
is not built that well (although they are quick at replacing broken
parts) I like the press from the book the best

best of luck


bob yost

Paul Lewing on wed 7 oct 98


I've never used one of the tile presses in Frank Giorgini's book, but
it looks really cumbersome and big to me. I think it's only built
that way so you don't have to weld. There was, years ago, a plan for a
tile press in Studio Potter magazine that was modeled on the one at
the Moravian Tile factory. It's a lever operated press like the one in
FG's book, but takes up much less room. I've ben handing out that
drawing for years in workshops.

My own tile press is one I built. Cost me $12 about 15 years ago. I
made it just like a screw-operated library book press. The $12 went
for a second-hand press screw, and the rest was built out of scrap
lumber. It's only about 14" square and real light, but it generates
all the pressure you'll ever need.

I used a Cajun press in a workshop demo one time, and it was a great
little gadget, but it sure was heavy and hard to move around. Maybe
you don't care about that, though.

Paul Lewing, Seattle