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recommendation needed for craft tour/study opportunities

updated mon 14 dec 98


John Hesselberth on sun 13 dec 98

My wife and I are interested in learning more about crafts in any number
of places around the world. She is a fiber artist (quilting and weaving
mostly) so any tour we take has to be broader than pottery. Any
recommendations of tour organizers or areas of the world of special
interest would be appreciated. What experiences have you had on this
kind of adventure?

By the way we are aware of the trip to Ecuador this coming summer that is
sponsored by Arrowmont and is being led by Bill Griffith and our own
Clayart moderater, Joe Molinaro. That one sounds excellent and we are
considering it, but we want some options to compare it to. If you want
information on that one, Email for a brochure. Of
course this is a perfect opening for Joe to tell us more about it right
here on Clayart.

Thanks to any who respond.

John Hesselberth
Frog Pond Pottery
P.O. Box 88
Pocopson, PA 19366 USA
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