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road kill brushes

updated sun 15 nov 98


Charlies and Linda on sat 14 nov 98

Storing Tail

I keep my tail in the freezer.....
It does add interest the annual chore or defrosting!!

Other animal tails like fox or squirrel can be deboned by making a
circular cut through the hide at the base of the tail and with lots of
effort the tail will slide off leaving all the bone and muscle behind
still attached to the animal. At this point the tail is less likely to
have any odor to it in the future.

A nice pointed brush can be made by cutting a 1/2 section of the tail
hide and then tying off the hair just past the hide portion at the
appropriate length. It will naturally come to a perfect point. This
beats taking clipping and trying to arrange all the loose hair in some
kind or a point.

Before anyone trys this you must consider the fact that in many parts of
the country rabies is a major factor. The disease is fragile and dies
out after the host is dead for over 24 hrs. I'd give it 48 to be sure
and wear surgical gloves for all sorts of hygenic reasons to boot. (This
info comes from trained animal control officers that have take safety
courses on this subject.)

Though this is not for the squeamish, I find it an invaluable way to
make the brushes that I need for my work. My best brush has lasted a
year now and I will mourn it when it is used up.

Charlie Riggs

In Carthage where the fall colors are nice and the roof for the wood
kiln will be finished soon.