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ron's awardwinningplatter

updated tue 6 oct 98


Joyce Lee on mon 5 oct 98

If any of you missed clicking on Liz Willoughby's picture of Ron Roy's
tenmoku platter, go back to last Tuesday's messages and do so. I'm sure
your reaction will be the same as mine, "Oh, my God. How does he DO
that?" Stunning. And the judge's words were perfect. I saw one of Ron's
bowls in a show at Nils Lou's school about two years ago. Then, too,
when I knew even less than I know now (thank goodness and Clayart), I
recognized a masterpiece when I saw one. THAT'S what I want to do! I
think I have a new hero.

In the Mojave still pleased with our show and tell visit with Lynne
Antone, clayarter bud whom we'd never met, and wishing I could get all
such buds in one spot and just be a fly on the wall and watch and
listen....hmmmm...think there is such a place...sounds like NCECA to me.