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rumbles & beads

updated wed 23 sep 98


Lynne Antone on tue 22 sep 98

<latest edition of CM for the article on Larry Rumble ( a folk potter from
Pennsylvania over a century ago) . Many of you probably passed over it on
your way to colour pictures and inspiration. American people should be
proud of that tradition. Running a little bead underneath a rib for
decoration. I'd like to have seen that...Tony Clennell>>

Okay Tony, looks like you got what he was saying, but I just couldn't
visualize what he meant by "running a little bead underneath a rib". Did he
put a notch on a rib template to form a ridge or did he add a bead of clay
under the rim of a pot or what? Can you expound on this? Look who I'm asking,
am I in trouble now?

Lynne Antone
Olympia WA