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shamotte, warped bowls, and feminist art

updated thu 3 dec 98


Bonita Cohn on wed 2 dec 98

I love this newsgroup. Thanks for clearing up what the shamotte is-- "can't
give it away on 7th Ave, as the Rolling Stones sang on Shattered. I thought a
"shamotte" was what I wore to the studio to work in. Seriously, though..
warped bowls are no longer a problem for me with these steps: Throwing on a
bat keyed to wheelhead; when the rim sets up, place back on wheel, cut with
wire. handle by placing a bat on top and like a bowl sandwich between two
bats, inverting, and trimming on that bat. Also throwing small porcelain on
plaster or bisk tiles and not cutting has allowed most of my bowls to make it
roundly to cone 11, even when wadded in a salt/wood kiln. Also, leave some
clay in the thing. Don't throw so thinly that the bowl is starved of clay.
Heavier is better; the bowl survives the process and daily use thereafter. And
of course, all that advice about drying is RIGHT ON.
Now about feminism--why are you guys so snoolish (see Mary Dalys' writing) so
threatened by women finding their power (empowerment) to do things for
themselves? And to express one's experience? Can't we all get along (where
have we heard that). There's room for everybody. Images and role models for
women that are positive are very important. To quote from Susan Faludi in
"Backlash": "The meaning of the word "feminist" has not really changed since
it first appeared in a book review in the ATHENAUEM, of April 27, 1895,
describing a woman who "has in her the capacity of fighting her way back to
independence." God may have made man in his image, but God's mother made women
in hers...Bonita Cohn, in San Francisco.