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sheffield kiln wash problem

updated mon 16 nov 98


deborah wildenberger on sun 15 nov 98

I recently began using kiln wash from a new supplier. They told me it
was made of 3/4 alumina and ball clay. I had fired the studio's top
loading electric kiln to cone 6. Upon unloading it, I discovered a
grit/sand like texture covering each kiln shelf. I took a wire brush and
swept off the shelfs, noticing the cement floor below my feet was now
covered with a white sand like layer what was slippery.

Has anyone had this happen to their kiln wash?

I'm concerned that when I load for a glaze firing, bits of this loose
grit could landing in the pottery on the shelf below. I don't want to
have to wash off kiln shelves before each firing.

When I called the supplier, the suggestion was made to make a thicker
mix of the wash, as I had explained that I only spread very thin layers
of wash on the kiln shelves if needed. He mentioned that other folks
have complained that this kiln wash does settle easily. I do mix it well
before each brush dunk. He suggested not to alter the recipe as I had
suggested adding more ball clay.

Any suggestions?

(Maybe just pick a clayarters recipe for kiln wash and start anew?)

Deborah J.Wildenberger
Nashua NH

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