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soda slip recipes?

updated tue 19 jan 99


Lori Bradley on mon 18 jan 99

Hi everyone,

I fired a piece in a soda kiln at school with some great results. We were
in a hurry to load, so I borrowed and applied a friend's flashing slip at
the last minute. I put it on bisqued clay with just red iron oxide rubbed
into the relief, no glaze. The firing was very heavy on the soda, and the
piece came out with a great ,thick, orange-peel surface, fading to a nice
carbon-trap grey on relief areas. This semester I went to fire in the soda
kiln again and couldn't find the slip recipe in my notes, the woman who
gave it to me couldn't locate it either:-( . I've tryed mixing other
slips, including a *fake Avery*, hoping for similar results. None were
quite as dramatic. I've since fired pieces in similar soda atmospheres,
but no luck. I'd love some suggestions on good flashing slips for soda
firing, or any advice on how to get that great orange-peel look. I'm using
a light cream stoneware body that goes dark, red-brown in soda. Also, If
anyone is willing to share some recipes for crackle slips that look good in
soda, I'd be very grateful.


Lori Bradley