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updated mon 24 jan 05


mel jacobson on sat 12 dec 98

the single most difficult thing i had to endure in japan was local
noise that i could not understand..........the `boys` loved it.....and had
it on loud. it drove me crazy.

one day, digging in mr. uchida's back closet, i found a small short
wave radio........i plugged it in, and it worked.
i ran a copper wire up the stack of the old kiln, found the local navy
base, and had american radio. life got better.

i think one of the really great things for a studio is:
`books on tape`.
most libraries now have a full stock of books on tape and you
can read at least a couple a week.

i have literally read 100' makes the morning on the
wheel go by very fast. (it also makes you want to stay in the studio
to finish a chapter or so.)


Joy Holdread on sat 12 dec 98

In a message dated 12/12/98 7:54:50 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> I think one of the really great things for a studio is:
> `books on tape`.
> most libraries now have a full stock of books on tape and you
> can read at least a couple a week.
I have stages of listening attention. Nothing, my brain is in high gear
sorting considering deciding, quiet easy new age music, for that meditative
phase, KXCI alternative new music, oldies for routine work & books on tape for
the least difficult mind work. Books are perfect for cleaning trimming,
glazing after the decisions are made & other none mind work. Bless the local
library if fact several library staff have become patrons.
Joy in Tucson

Paul Lewing on sun 13 dec 98

I have to agree with the person who says NPR (National Public Radio)
is a Godsend. We here in Seattle are lucky enough to get two public
radio stations, one that is all talk and news and one that is part
news and part jazz. The all-news one is on in my studio at all times,
except during baseball season.

Another note on studio listening. I found when I worked in group
studios and at school, and when I had a studio I shared with one or
two other people, that there were only three things people ever
fought about: money, cleanliness, and the radio. So if you're
thinking of going into a group studio, or sharing a studio, be sure to
ask what (if anything) the other people like on the radio (or TV, for
that matter), and how loud they like it. If you like the same degree
of exactness in splitting expenses, your cleaning habits are similar,
and you like the same things on the radio, you've got compatible
studio mates.

Paul Lewing, Seattle

Bobbi Bassett on tue 15 dec 98


Here's a big ditto from PA. I'm thinking I would be literarily illiterate
were it not for PBS and Books on Tape. We have literally become library
junkies in search of new titles.

For all of you in PA who are not aware the library system (Access PA) allows
you to take books out of any PA public library and return them to any PA
public library. We often get audio books in the Philly area when we're there
for a shgow and return them here in central PA.

Happy Holidays to all.....don't forget Solstice on the 22nd (let the light
Bobbi in PA

Lee Love on sun 23 jan 05

Seattle has a new online station, KUOW2. It is great, all news
and information! You can listen to it here:

Lee in Mashiko, Japan WEB LOG Photos!