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t-pot handles, co-op buys

updated fri 14 aug 98


Craig Martell on thu 13 aug 98


For my money, the Rattan Cane handles made by the Nettleship bros. in
England are the best that you can buy. The name of the business is Cane
Craft and they are in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

There are a lot of US dealers that sell these handles but the cost is high.
I usually go in with a bunch of other potters and we order as many as we can
directly from Cane Craft. You can easily get enough of an order together to
save 35% of the retail price and they will also give you a discount if you
pay up front and this is added to your quantity discount so it's really a
good deal. They will also ship in small packets to avoid customs snafu.
They are speedy, and totally honest and good people.

If you can write before placing an order, they will send a design sheet with
all their handles and products and a price list that explains everything in
great detail. I'll hunt through my chaotic pile of junk on the desk and
post the address tomorrow??

regards, Craig Martell-Oregon