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tactile pottery for the blind

updated mon 28 dec 98


Thonas C. Curran on tue 22 dec 98

I was asked to do classes for the
> blind. What an experience that was. It was challenging but also very
> rewarding.

I just came back from an interview for an arts type radio program, and I
read recent postings, this one in particular. The interviewer had said
something about appreciating the tactile nature of pottery, and I
responded by describing the nicest compliment I had ever received on my
pottery. It was at this year's Quail Hollow Labor Day show in New
Paltz, NY that two gentlemen approached my display. One asked
permission to touch and fondle the pots (mostly bottle forms of various
sizes and shapes) so that his friend --who was blind-- could enjoy
them. One by one he would pick up the forms he liked and hand them to
his friend to caress, and then they would discuss the pots. You could
see smiles appear as a particularly sensuous glaze surface or form was
presented to him, and it was a super experience for me as well as an
enjoyable time for them.
Since that day I have questioned the wisdom of calling pottery a visual
art. Much of it can certainly be enjoyed by sighted and non sighted
people alike. Carolyn

Martin Howard on wed 23 dec 98

A blind friend is to come to my pottery to throw pots.

I am looking forward to the experience of helping him.

Thank you Clayart for pointers in the right direction.

When one sense fails, others more than compensate.

Martin Howard
Webbs Cottage Pottery and Press
Woolpits Road, Great Saling
Essex CM7 5DZ
01371 850 423

Sharon Sept on sun 27 dec 98

Good luck with your non-sighted friend. I would love to hear how it turns =
I just finished doing a six week blind class for 8 individuals. I allowed =
class per student on the wheel. It was great fun, however with the clay =
so soft and pliable they did find it hard to get a sense of what their =
pieces looked like.
Like I said would love to hear how your experience turns out, I will =
be offering classes again in the new year.