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terra sig from ball clay and re: colors inside tableware

updated sat 17 oct 98


terryh on fri 16 oct 98

Re: terra Sig from Ball Clay
donald, yes, you can prepare terra sig from OM4 Ball Clay, and yes,
you can use it right away (though some purist may not call this =22terra =
to obtain surface sheen. one problem you may notice though, is that it's not
easy to apply this fresh ball clay solution/slip uniformly onto a surface =
the burnished surface tends to reveal patches of pinkish clay surface,
though still sheen and smooth. (this may be avoided by multiple coating.)

Re: colors inside tableware (opinions please=21)
cyndi, my experience (maybe an opinion?). i made and use copper red, deep
blue (copper red over chelseas blue), and white (TC white) goblets. TC white
is the least favorite. somehow, red wine next to opaque white interior is =
a contrast and doesn't look comfortable. deep blue is my and my friends'
favorite. (well. this could be because of the shape and touch of the =
as for white wine, glass is better. then, opaque white: you can see golden

terry hagiwara
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