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the cracks that won't quit// seconds

updated wed 19 aug 98


Joy Holdread on tue 18 aug 98

> . I do hate to
> see perfectly good things (or people) wasted because of imperfections.
> Since I don't have a lot of trouble with cracks, I tend to give those pots
> that don't quite make the grade to friends who couldn't otherwise afford my
> pottery. They like to receive it, I like to please them, and it cuts down
> on my burgeoning cupboards.
> Cindy Strnad

I despise waste but hate to have seconds out there with my name on it. I
either refire with more glaze or I use an inscribing tool & clearly mark 2nd
under my name on the bottom before giving them away or selling at a discount
to a friend.
JOY in Tucson