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tile question, image in glaze?

updated wed 21 oct 98


Jim Wilson on mon 19 oct 98

Hello all;
The snip of a product description I found below describes a procedure I
believe would enhance my tilemaking.
I am not familiar with the process or glazes required.
Any input or direction to info to make this will be appreciated.

I know there are company secrets out there, so I decided it would be proper
NOT to include the companies name where I got this description.

'ABC Ceramics' utilizes the latest developments in computer imaging and
sublimation ceramic inks to create unique and lasting tile sets. This
process does not lay the image on top as paints do, but transfers the
produced prints into the glaze of the ceramic.

Thank you for the input!

Paul Lewing on tue 20 oct 98

They probably just mean they're printing underglazes and putting a
clear glaze over them, using computers to make the graphics. If so,
nothing new there. Just so much hyperbole.

Paul Lewing, Seattle