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tile question.

updated sun 10 jan 99


Angelica Pozo on sat 9 jan 99

For outdoor installation of commercial tile you should use only floor
tile and not any indoor wall tile. Indoor wall tile is fired at lower
temperatures and is rather porous, so it would not withstand freeze-thaw
conditions without spalling. Most floor tile whether glazed stoneware or
unglazed porcelain will state that it is suitable for exterior wall
surfaces because it has a low absorption rate. You can usually get a
brochure, catalog or flyer from the distributor that would give you
these specifications. It should also show what types of trim pieces they
make in that line, as far as your bullnose search goes.

You can get unglazed porcelain bullnose trim pieces from Dal-Tile's
Keystones mosaic tile series. They have trim pieces made especially for
swimming pools that includes a bullnose piece that comes in lots of
colors and are 1" and 2" lengths. Dal-Tile is a national manufacturer
out of Houston TX. They have distributors nationwide. Check your Yellow
Pages for the distributor nearest you.

Angelica Pozo