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updated fri 16 oct 98


"Terry Sullivan/Nottingham Center for the Arts. San Marcos," on thu 15 oct 98


Glad to hear you haven't got any dunting or crawling going on.
Can be pretty scary on a dark fall night ! :-)

That's an interesting post and it should be quite informitive to see what some
of the clayart tech. gurus have to say.

Anyhow; I've never noticed any conection ( yet) between glazing and tile
What I've noticed so far would indicate that the method of making and drying
the tile seem to have the most influence on warping , with firing a close 2nd
or 3rd.

Well compressed clay , without a latteral direction such as given with a
roller, doesn't have any particular directional stresses built in. Especially
side to side !
I make tiles in a plaster press mold and "pop" them out with compressed air
injected through the mold for quick multiple production ( that's another

Very even drying seems to help by not "drying in" stresses.
I dry tiles on an open grid of 1/2 inch plastic used for overhead light
It is available from most large builders supplies such as Home Depot and costs
around $6-8. The panels are about 3 ft. x 2 ft. with a 1/2 inch depth and 1/2
inch grid.
Put the tiles on the grid , bottom down. Put the grid on an open framework
shelf. That allows air circulation evenly on all surfaces. If the air is to
dry and/or warm; slow down the process with a tent of plastic or use a damp
box or room.

There's my 2 cents

Terry Sullivan
Nottingham Center for the Arts
San Marcos, CA
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