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toxic chemicals

updated fri 6 nov 98


Tracey Cronin on thu 5 nov 98

Hello, and good eve to all=21

Not only am I new to ClayArt, but am also a novice potter. I am getting =
mixing my own glazes and am very wary about handling the various chemicals =
are available to me, and understand that I must be even more careful when I
Raku-fire. Does anyone have any information on the toxic glaze chemicals and=
they should be handled when one decides to use them in a recipe? I would =
to know about any safety precautions that I can take, such as, does wearing =
mask or goggles help at all? I've decided to use latex gloves for glazes =
may contain skin irritants...

Any personal experience and information, book references, or web site links
would be ever-helpful, and I thank you in advance for your help.

Be Well,
Tracey Cronin
Northern California