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vacumn filter bat

updated wed 9 dec 98


Lori Pierce on tue 8 dec 98

I am new to Clayart and new to Florida. Is there anyone out there who has
experience with building or using a vacumn filter bat system similar to the =
shown on page 11 of Kirwanek's book, Keramos, published in 1970. I have been
experimenting with using the compressor from my venco pugmill and an oval =
trough from a feed and grain store, however I think the inner tank may need
beefing up to function under pressure.I have previously used plaster bats, =
Florida's high humidity made me curious about another system. I would =
love to
hear from old friends who knew me as Lori Rudolph when I lived in Georgia. I
have recently moved from Maine to Florida, and am setting up a new studio =
to my =22golden years=22. Ever noticed how the clay gets heavier as the =
years pass
by? But it still feels and smells just as good as ever=21 Lori Pierce