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wonderful studio worker available

updated mon 14 sep 98


Vince Pitelka on sun 13 sep 98

Does anyone out there need a really incredible studio worker? Chikafusa
Mizutani is available. Chika is from the Japanese studio tradition, and
studied here at the Craft Center for some years just before I arrived here.
He has recently been working for a professional potter outside Chicago, but
that potter is leaving the country for a few years and Chika is out of a
job. He is an extraordinarily talented potter and a very hard worker, and
is willing to do any studio-related tasks. If you need such a person, or if
you know anyone else who might, please let me know and I will have him
contact the appropriate party.

If you need quality studio help, you will never regret hiring Chika.
- Vince

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