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wood pallets

updated sat 16 jan 99


sandra m benscoter on fri 15 jan 99

Hi fellow Clayarters!

If anyone is in need of wood pallets for firings I can be of help if you
are in the central New Jersey area and willing to pickup (unless you want
to travel!).

Please contact me direct, but do not be offended if you do not receive a
reply immediately. Sat. I'm off for some much needed R&R to Steamboat
(did I say rest??!!!?? as any skier knows that is an understatement!) and
will return on the 24th of this month. Would like to share a happy
feeling: Last week I completely forgot to take out the cans for garbage
the night before. I heard the trucks coming in the early morning hours
and yelled down to my husband to run and bring them out. As he was
dragging the cans, the garbage man ran over to help. He asked my husband
if the lady of the house makes ceramics (every once in a while bad pieces
are broken and put into the garbage). My husband responded in the
affirmative. The garbage man replied "I've gotten some beautiful pieces.
Next time tell her not to break them, just put them on top of the
garbage in the can and put the lid on!"

Happy potting!


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