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wood reduction/wood firing/soda & salt

updated thu 15 oct 98


The Slack-DeBrock Family on wed 14 oct 98

Hi june...there seems to be alot of interest in fast-firing with wood. I
have an Olsen fastfire kiln, which is excellent, but have thought about
trying to build a small bourry box design for salt/soda firing. Could you
help with the location of the material you suggested about the bourry box
plan? It's very hard to find god plans as well as firing specifics on it?
Is there an address available for purchasing the book you mention? The
following for all of you out there:::

I'd be very interested in hooking up with others who fire an Olsen design
fastfire kiln, as i would like to compare notes on firing methods. Seem to
have a cold spot that i just can't warm up....also would like to share
glazes that work well in the fastfire wood atmosphere. I'd like to find
something that has a wide firing range but responds to the wood effects
well. Through the course of offering workshops, have found quite a few that
do very well with an 8 hour firing, but most want to be at cone 10.

Finally, one of my projects in the graduate studies program that I'm in
will be to research soda/salt kilns and firing...looking at the best
designs, methods, and glaze effects. I'm interested in real people who are
actually doing the work! If you can help me compile names and contacts I'd
appreciate it!

Joan Slack-DeBrock/River Run Pottery
P.O.Box 95
McNaughton, WI 54543