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beginners cold feet

updated sat 22 nov 97


centa uhalde on fri 21 nov 97

I wonder if any of you patient experts out there might give me a bit of
handholding through my first lighting of my electric kiln,, which is a used
(10 yrs) Cress. First I'm told I should test with witness cones up to a
bisque level with nothing in it. I'm interested in low fire experimenting
and also cone 5 because these are what I've been exposed to thus far and I
have some things to fire at both temps. So, a good bisque firing for both
low fire and cone 5 clays would be 05? Or is it a range, 04-06, say?
Anyway, then I need firing schedules for both glaze ranges. Can anyone
inform me, or lead me to a good written source?