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brushes for applying glaze

updated fri 14 nov 97


Jan Jokinen on thu 13 nov 97

Hi everyone-

I have replied privately to Marshall re. glaze brushes, but thought
there may be more of you in cyberspace who might be interested...

My room-mate, Deb Taylor, who is a wonderful potter and all-round
artist, makes the most gorgeous brushes, which she has sold to potters
from all over North America... some have gone as far as Japan, Korea and
New Zealand. She uses indigenous wood for handles, and the brushes are
made of recycled fur, still attached to the hide, in everything from
rabbit, to mink, elk, bear, moose and more.

They are very reasonably priced, in Canadian $. If you are interested,
you can email me privately, please, and i will reply with more

"Have brushes...will send anywhere in the known universe!"

cheers, from "Lotus Land", Vancouver Island, British Columbia...

(who is secretary of the Tozan Cultural Society- keepers of 2 beautiful
woodfired kilns, a noborigama and anagama...just whetting your appetite,
will be passing along more information on these anon...