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great moments in my art education

updated mon 15 jun 98


David Hendley on sun 14 jun 98

Good story about the split plate, Phyllis.

I got a good laugh from the current Ceramics Monthy.
There is a photo of a sculpture that consists of dirt dobber
nests that the artist fired and put on a board.
Stupid, Un-artistic, Un-imaganitive Me, I've been glazing
and firing dirt dobber nests for years, and GIVING them
to kids who visit the pottery shop.

My favorite "ceramic art moment" was back in the 70's,
when my studio was in a building that also housed a clay business.
I'd just spent the day unloading a boxcar full of clay (that's why
the rent was cheap), and came home, dead tired, to a new
Ceramics Monthly from the day's mail. There was a full page
photo of a piece of art that consisted of bags of clay that the
artist had arranged in a cross pattern on the gallery floor.
The same damn bags I'd been wrasslin' with all day were
now presented as "art".

I guess what makes something art is that someone calls it "art".

David Hendley
Maydelle, Texas
"There's twice as much ditch as road in the journey of life".

At 09:41 AM 6/12/98 EDT, you wrote:
>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>KathyB: A number of years ago I had a plate split and dropped it in the
>trash. The next day the issue of CM arrived with a picture of a cracked plate
>by one of the very well known men. We fished my plate out and it hangs on
>wall in my studio and provides a lot of laughs-without the 3 or 4 figures
>the 'artist' received. I'll never know if his was a mistake or that if I had
>tried to sell mine-would it have been considered art?
>In the eyes of the beholder??