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updated fri 3 apr 98


Dannon Rhudy on thu 2 apr 98


......The exhibitions were excellent. ......what I
saw was great. Among the best were "Ceramics USA" (thanks to
Dannon Rhudy),.....

Ah, but I cannot take that credit. Firstly, Doug Gray did at
least as much as I to put that together, probably more. Secondly,
lots of really good work was entered. Most of all, though, David
Shaner did a superb job of selecting the show - a really difficult
job, to find not only good work but what will come together to
somehow make a cohesive exhibition from an eclectic mix of works.

Incidentally, there were numerous clayart folks in the show. It
will find it's way onto the net, sometime soon. We'll post the
site when it is done .

Dannon Rhudy