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starting a coop

updated sun 23 may 04


Sharon Starkston on fri 22 jan 99

Contact the western suburban galleries=3B some have a bulletin board.
It would help if you made a well designed poster - a scrawled index
card might not be welcome.

Great Lakes Clay and A.R.T. are two of the larger suppliers=3B others
advertise in Ceramics Monthly and will probably give you a posting
on their store bulletin boards if not a spot on their Web site. Certainly
ask Lill Street Studios to publicize it.

Sharon Starkston
The Lane Pottery
Hinsdale, Illinois

Paula on thu 20 may 04

We have a group of potters, some experienced, some beginners, who have
found a passion for clay. The studio where we all came together has
closed and we find ourselves foundering because we're (for the most part)
not professionals, we're not even selling, we're just enjoying our
experiences and are serious about continuing with our work.

We've been discussing trying to find a warehouse or other building to try
to establish a coop, just for working. At this point nobody's talking
about selling (the more professional among us do have their outlets for
retail) but a place to share wheels, kilns and camaraderie and a place to
order supplies in bulk.

We would like to have a network for instructors but wouldn't necessarily
have to provide instruction through the coop.

We're just a group of people addicted to clay!

Any ideas or experience would be hugely appreciated.

Ivor and Olive Lewis on fri 21 may 04

Dear Paula,
If among yourselves you choose to formalise into some sort of
"Official" group, spend a lot of time developing and refining your
Governing Constitution. You should be able to get assistance with this
task from State or National Arts and Crafts Steering Groups. If they
are good at their jobs you will get a lot of help from their advisers
who should be able to attend your early meetings.
Wishing you all All the Best with any venture you undertake.
Best Regards,
Ivor Lewis. Redhill, South Australia
Potters Council Member

Bob Nicholson on sat 22 may 04


Some time back I wrote up our experiences in starting the Orchard
Valley Ceramic Arts Guild. Here's a link to the write-up:

If you have any questions or if there are other ways I can help,
drop me a note.

- Bob