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medalta residency

updated mon 26 jun 00


Dan / Joanne Taylor on sun 31 jan 99

This is in reply to the many requests I have had for for information
about the exciting new Artists In Residence progam being held this
summer at the historic Medalta Potteries site in Medicine Hat, Alberta.
I apologize in advance for the length of the message. We have three top
ceramic artists are booked for this summer plus opportunities for longer
independent residencies.

Robert Harrison, May 31 - June 12: Montana studio artist with
ceramic/architectural focus. Large brick sculptural works in 13 States,
Canada, Australia and Europe. His credentials over the last 25 years
include Ceramics Head at Gonzaga U., resident artist at Archie Bray,
Assistant head of Banff Centre Ceramics, NCECA director. He will be
constructing a large scale architectural sculpture on site and during
his 2 week session, Robert's group will deal with all aspects of
large-scale work; design, drawings, models, materials, construction,
public art applications, etc.

Alan Lacovetsky, June 14 - June 27: Internationally recognized
Australian/Manitoba potter with 20 years of building and firing wood
kilns. Impressive background of study, teaching, consulting, exhibits,
residencies in Australia, Thailand, and Canada. Winner of several
prestigious awards. Alan expects to be firing the new Medalta Bourry
kiln several times during his 2 week session. Loading and firing
techniques, potting and glazing with wood fire focus (cone 10-14) will
all be a part of the experience.

Shirley Rimer, June 14 - July 3: Red Deer, Alberta ceramist well-known
for her sensitive pottery/sculpture combinations - paper clay,
hend-building, wheel work. Many exhibits, articles and awards to her
credit. Work represented in public and private collections. Her work
often reflects social themes and personal philosophies.

Residency fees: one week - $150.00CDN, two weeks - $250.00CDN, four
weeks - $450.00CDN. Longer term residencies by special arrangement are
available. More information re accomodations and applications available
through myself, Dan Taylor - It's new and
exciting!! Love to have you!


Dan Taylor Ph: (403) 527-1002
1340 - 10th Ave. NE Fax: (403) 527-1032
Medicine Hat, Alberta email:
Canada T1A 6G3 "The real measure of our wealth is how much we should
be worth if we lost all our money."

-J.H. Jowett

=?iso-8859-1?q?Sharon=20Sept?= on sat 24 jun 00

Things are going great at the Medalta: International Artists in Residence. Check out the following site for a look. have a good cross section of people in attendance. Our fearless leader Dianne Finch has been kind enough to set up a website so we can get a look at what's happening. Dianne changes the photos every couple of days so please do keep checking to see how much fun we are having here in Medicine Hat, Alberta.Also you might want to keep us in mind for next June, but do register early as the spots fill up fast.Sharon SeptSEPTsational Pottery

Sharon Sept

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

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