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updated fri 29 jan 99


Marcia Selsor on thu 28 jan 99

I accidently delteted Ric Swenson's comments about Puente de Arzobispo,
Toledo, Talavera.
I spent the night in Puente de Arzobispo in a cama and comidas bar back
in 1986. Pouring rain. We ate with the family in the kitchen and had to
wait for the children to finish their baths before we could use the
Met a dueno who insisted I throw a pot before he'd talk "shop" with me
(lowly woman potter). That is where they were signing "made in Italy"
becasue tin-glazed Italian pieces fetched more money.
I visited 48 potters'villages that year. I have tremendous slides of all
those folk potters, their kilns, their shops, etc.0see pages 13
(Moveros, what a time warp!) and 15 (Pepe is still throwing in Agost) in
the new Wheel Thrown Pottery book. I found all the potters to be
wonderful open sharing people. I spent the year there and put 18,000 km
on my '72 Renault. What a great year!
Thanks for the memories, Ric Swenson. See you at NCECA. Let's get
together and reflect on Spain! Maybe at the Clayart room?
Marcia in Montana

Marcia Selsor