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plans for studio tables

updated sun 31 jan 99


Lyda, Mike on thu 28 jan 99

I'm looking for plans for studio tables for a classroom setting - does
anyone know of any?


Mike Lyda
Brevard College
Brevard, NC

Mark Joyce on fri 29 jan 99

> I'm looking for plans for studio tables for a classroom setting - does
> anyone know of any?
I once built a very sturdy worktable for class use (clay, painting, et al) using
mostly materials salvaged from (home)construction sites.

The bed frame was made of 2x4's on edge and screwed together at 4'x16'.
2"x4" Cross supports were screwed in every 16".

A combination of true 4'x4's and others created from 2"x4"s were used for
legs, four to a side lag-bolted through the side of the bed and set flush with
its top. 2"x4" rails and cross rails were screwed to the insides of the legs to
accomodate a variety of storage shelving (plywood) beneath the worktable.
The lowest shelf was high enough to get the wetmop halfway under it.
The rails were placed INSIDE the legs to simplify shelf cutting and save
wear and tear on worker shins!

The bed itself was made from four sheets of 3/4" plywood
The bottom layer was two 4x8 sheets screwed to the bed frame and
supports. It was covered by a 2'x4' - 4'x4' - 2'x4' layer screwed and glued to
it. This not only minimized vibration but also the sound of throwing slabs.

This bed was then framed with pine 1x4's that has had their top edge
chamfered at 45 degrees(to eliminate a troublsome, hard 90 degree
edge). They were screwed to the frame and butt joined with finishing nails
at the end corners. They were given three coats of Deft polyurathane
protection. This frame was set 1/4" above the bed and two 4'x8' sheets of
purchased tempered masonite were dropped in as the final top wipable,
working surface surface.

The table was built at a height of 36" and designed for use while standing
at it. Some stools for slouching at it were purchased later.

I did all the precutting/cutting of the wood. The drilling/ assembly and
fastening was completed by volunteer middle school students after school.

Hope this is helpful!

Mark Joyce
Professor of Education
Concordia Colllege Ann Arbor, MI

> Thanks!
> Mike Lyda
> Brevard College
> Brevard, NC

Shannon Hayes on sat 30 jan 99

I have a wonderful table that is made from a metal frame from a motor cylce
crate. I took the frame, which was a rectangular box, cut the lower section
off and place a 3/4 inch of ply wood on top. Its very study...and CHEAP!!!