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re. jan walker/rutile

updated mon 1 feb 99


john eden on sun 31 jan 99

Back in 1975 when I was working as "Resident Potter" at Berea College I
bought a Shimpo wheel along with a group of students. We bought them from a
local supplier in Kentucky and because of the group purchase got a price of
$275 US if I remember correctly. They all came in great big wooden crates.
As I didn't need to use it, it stayed in the crate. About two months later
I decided to take up a position in Canada so I uncrated it and used it for
the month before I left. I opened it because I wanted to make sure it was
in there :-) and that it worked before I left the good old USA. But also
because I would not be able to get the crate into my Renault 10 which I
drove to Canada with all my worldly goods. Have not had any need to use it
(except a couple of workshops where they didn't have a wheel available)
since there are others I can use. So it sits on my porch and I plug it in
about once a year just to hear that new 1975 shimpo sound. Eat your hearts
out shimpo owners. If it was still in the crate it would be a bit like
those stories one hears about WW2 jeeps. Cheers, John.

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