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rutile yellow or not

updated tue 2 feb 99


Malone & Dean McRaine on mon 1 feb 99

ALoha all:
I've been working with the following glaze for a while.

Mellow Yellow ^10 Ox
Soda feldspar 27.3
Flint 35.7
Whiting 16.4
Magnesium carbonate 8.6
Lithium carbonate 2.3
Gerstley borate 7.4
Strontium carbonate 1.7

Tin oxide 3.5
Rutile 3
Bentonite 2

It started out as a ^6 pink recipe without any EPK. At ^10 it fired to a
nice gloss that had nice response to brushed oxides, bright, clear,
appealing colors including a nice yellow from rutile that shaded to a rich
orange where the rutile was thick. I added the EPK to bring up the alumina
to an acceptable level and the glaze didn't seem to change at all. When I
started using it on production work the rutile decoration sometimes tended
to form a pink to gray crystal mat on the surface of the glaze rather than
the glossy yellow I got in my tests. It has seemed like I get yellow around
the rim often which made me think that a thinner application might help but
so far, it hasn't. My tests didn't seem particularly thin, either. So does
anybody have experience with rutile yellow glazes? Any suggestions for me
about how to get that pretty yellow-orange with this glaze?
Dean in cold (for us), wet, windy Kauai.