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school children, ceramics and behavior

updated sun 31 jan 99


Joyce Lee on thu 28 jan 99

Perhaps the class tile project could include some allusion to sports.
This would probably please some children as well as appease the coach.
One problem can be that, unfair as it is, arts and sports are often
competing for the same few "extra" dollars, with both sets of teachers
having to justify the significance of their "interests" in any given
semester. It's a positive to have to re-examine our committments from
time to time and see where they stand in "the 90s" and for the coming
"Y2K," and winning the battle is often enough...forget the war. Show
the principal this month's issue of Pottery Making Illustrated with a
fine justification for mural projects in an elementary
need to feel "connected" whether the building is new or not. AND picture
#3 on page 20 depicts sports...

In the Mojave with red face since capitulating and agreeing to have a
heating system installed in garage/studio...since we have so few really
cold days...but #1 Support Person always wins...well, somebody wins...

gail sheffield on sat 30 jan 99

It seems that Mike Gordon got lots of requests for copies of the article he
mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle regarding the link between art and
other studies. For those who want to read it or print it out, the Chronicle
website is Click on search, but don't use the box marked =
find.=22 Rather go down to the =22Article Search=22 box and click on the =
first item,
which is Chronicle and Examiner articles back to 1995. It will ask for
information on the exact article sought, e.g. key words, writer, date, etc.,
which will bring up the article itself. Must have touched a nerve there. =

Gail Sheffield
Covington, LA