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bead trees

updated thu 4 feb 99


Alice Smrcka on wed 3 feb 99


Bead trees-- for suspending beads for glaze firing.
You should be able to get these from your clay supplier or
other ceramic supply. Armadillo Clay in Austin and Brock's Ceramics
in San Antonio have them.
Star stilt bead tree or horizontal rack with 6" rods for stinging
glazed beads on. If you can find the rods-- use clay or insulation
fire brick for the supports.

Back in the 70's I made several bead trees using High temp wire
(Kemper HTW- 17 gauge) cut into small pieces-- 1 1/2"-2" long and
stuck into a solid cone of clay at about 10 degree angle--that's 10
degrees up from the horizontal-- not more than 20 degrees-- or heavy
beads move during firing and struck together. Use High Temp Wire--
not any old wire. Not a job for baleing wire!

Insulation fire brick could also work if you anchor the wire in good.

Stringing all those little beads-- hundreds of them---wow--
been there-- won't go there again, I hope. ;-)
Hope this helps.
If angle is too