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dark rutile supply

updated thu 4 feb 99


Hanne Bjorklund on wed 3 feb 99

Our local materials supplier, Mike, (the best thing that ever happened to
Nelson Potters) has given me the address of his Australian supplier of
Dark Rutile. As the US$ is in awesomely good shape, (compared to our $) it
might be worth it for US Potters to look into getting some of it sent from
Australia. Perhaps a few heavy users could share a 25kg. bag.

R.Z.M. Pty. Ltd.
Pacific Highway
Tomago 2322

He also suggested a substitute to dark rutile: Calcine about 90% Titanium
Dioxide with about 10% red iron oxide added, (depends on the strength of
the RIO) to 600deg centigrade.

Thanks for the Randy's Red recipes. I will be firing my tests in a few days
and will let you know how they turned out. I will also test the colouring
oxide additives in my usual base glaze, just for curiosity.

Must get ready for a hike tomorrow with my 50-Plus Hiking Club: North along
the coast of the Abel Tasman National Park. Hope it won't get too hot
before we get to the bay where we stop to lay around in the sand and swim,
swim, swim in crystal clear water.

Sorry, just couldn't help my self. The weather down here is just so, so

Nelson, New Zealand.