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nceca exhibitions and more.

updated sat 13 feb 99


Louis Katz on fri 12 feb 99

Hello Clayart,

I just put up a list of exhibitions that are concurrent with
the conference. It is a huge list, there will be plenty to
see. There is also information on the NCECA Bus tours.

I have added a Hot News Flash area to the top of the NCECA
home page at . I strongly urge you to
bookmark this page rather than other ones in the site as
significant updates will be posted here. A few more details
have been added to the NCECA program page and there are many
new images in the NCECA World Contemporary Image Database.

There is also a listing of overflow housing for the

As you may already know I am going off the NCECA board this
year, but will continue to maintain the website, and will
try to tend to queries from Clayarters, although I hope one
of the new DAL's (Directors at Large) will handle this. My
reason for going off the board, it has been fun, although a
lot of hectic travel, is that Gail Busch, my wife, and I are
expecting a new child in May, and travel will take its toll
on my wife.

Before the conference begins I think it is important, for my
own sanity to remind people that the NCECA is run by
volunteers. Each location provides unique challenges. There
will be glitches. I ask that you look at the program and
the list of exhibitions and understand the work that goes
into making the conference happen at all. Each of the board
members dedicates whole weeks each year to bring this
about. We welcome ideas that will help us run the
conference more smoothly, but our resources are limited.
Please let us know of your ideas generated by this
conference in writing if at all possible. Email is fine. I
will provide the board with a synopsis of suggestions and
the entire text of all comments I receive on the conference
for the May meeting. If you would like a comment made
without your name attached please ask me and I will delete

Finally start thinking of program proposals for the 2000
conference in Denver. They are due in early MAY this year.
Breakout Groups and NCECA Connections proposals are due in
October or November, Emerging Talent Nominations are due
near the end of the summer usually, although this is up to
the co-ordinator, and it will probably be announced at the
conference or the following newsletter.

Let me know if there is any questions you have.


Louis Katz
NCECA Director At Large
Texas A&M-CC Division of Visual and Performing Arts
Webmaster (512) 994-5987
Visit the NCECA World Ceramics Image Database