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ash glaze material.

updated sun 14 feb 99


Brian Crocker on sat 13 feb 99


During 8 months of the year we have a Mozzie Problem the little pests know
just when
your hands are covered in Clay and you can't swot them on your face or arms,
so to counter them we rub Lemon Rind over the exposed areas and burn Joss
Sticks 6 at a time. We place the Joss Stick holder in a tray and collect the
ash,, just to be tidy,, but one day had a Rush of Blood to the Brain "why
not use it in a Glaze???"
it's beaut gives a Green ish Brown ,,Green where thick,, @ cone 03 and up ,,
the higher the runnier..

Give it a go Dear Clay Puddlers..
Brian Crocker
4 Erica Street,
Tea Tree Gully 5091,
South Australia,
Australia. {e.mail}

" When a Potter Gives or Sells Pots Part of a Life is Given Also " CR