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wood ash preparations

updated mon 15 feb 99


Bonita Cohn on sun 14 feb 99

Llewelyn Kouba asked:
Dear Bonita,
Your Wood Ash preparation sounds interesting. I'm not sure I have ever
heard of calcined ash ? Anway I would like to try this out sometime. What
cone do you typically fire this kind of ash glaze to?
My reply:
To calcine--means to bisque. (you can calcine your own kaolin, too)
I use an old bisque bowl. I place the sifted raw ash into it.
After bisquing--to any temp below ^06--the powder can be used in a recipe that
calls for "ash".
I fire to cone 10-12. These glazes usually run, so only use on inside, or top
of outside, with another glaze on the bottom of the piece to act as a "brake".
Good Luck.