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ash of the ancestors

updated fri 19 feb 99


Bonita Cohn on thu 18 feb 99

Dear Patty, Studio Potter Magazine, June 1994, Vol. 22 #2, ran a beautiful and
sensitive letter from Paul Soldner relating his experience with the remains of
a loved one. It was in the very last few pages of the magazine. Their address
is: Studio Potter, Box 70 Goffstown, NH 03045, 603/774.3582. The Ceramicsweb
lists it under magazines. If you can't find this issue in someone's library,
order a back issue. The essence of the article: He had a friend ball mill the
larger pieces, after sieving. He then used the milled and the fine material
50/50 with a known glaze (temmoku, celadon, raku). He used this glaze to slip
trail onto a bisked pot. Then he overglazed it with the base glaze. It worked,
even in raku. Wherever the ash was, there was a blueish effect. Paul
pondered...was this his aura?
Bonita in San Francisco.