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updated thu 25 feb 99


Don Jones on tue 23 feb 99

>From: "Kevin Guerrero"
>Subject: Ocarina
>Date: Mon, Feb 22, 1999, 12:10 AM

>Hey Don,
>My name is Derek Guerrero and I am 14 years old. I was wandering, if you
>have any info on how to make Ocarina's and if you can please e-mail me.
>Thanks! ! !
>P.S. Do you have any suggestions on the kind of clay that I can use other
>than Red clay? Thanks Again.
Hello nice group,
I wonder if any of you could help this nice young person?
Don Jones

Patty Alander on wed 24 feb 99


A couple of web sites with ocarina info:

Also, try the book and/or video "Clay Whistles" by Janet Moniot


Veena Raghavan on wed 24 feb 99

Janet Moniot's book "Clay Whistles" has designs and instructions on
how to make ocarinas. It is available at Steve Branfman's Potters Shop 31
Thorpe Rd. Needham Heights MA 02194 Tel: 617-449-7687. I believe it is
11.95 and that there is a video to go with it. Also Amy Gossett posted
information some time ago about a website on whistles and ocarinas. When I
accessed it, the instructions were only for whistles, as she had not had
time to update it with the ocarinas but she may have done it by now.
Good luck to your young friend.
Veena Raghavan

Mimi Stadler on wed 24 feb 99

Don- Check out Anita Feng's website for ocarinas and udus. You can play
the ocarinas.. Maybe your friend can get in touch with Anita for advice. You
can find her at:
Mimi in Hillside, NJ

Clint Pulley on wed 24 feb 99

> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Don,
> A couple of web sites with ocarina info:
> Also, try the book and/or video "Clay Whistles" by Janet Moniot
> Patty
My wife gave me a copy of the "Clay Whistles" book earlier this month and
I have found it to be very good, at least for whistle making. My first
attempt was successful in that it sounds good although it looks awful!
I'll be bisque firing my first batch of 6 whistles tonight.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to glaze clay whistles I would very
much like to see them. I'm thinking of applying wax resist to the sound
hole area to keep the critical surfaces glaze-free.

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