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primitive childrens work

updated thu 25 feb 99


Sylvia See on wed 24 feb 99

Thought I'd share a great experience with my grandchildrens work. When they
come to visit the first thing they ask granny is if they can build with some
clay. Being the good teacher that I am, :))) I put a piece of canvas covered
plywood on the floor, haul in some clay, a bucket of water, sponges, and
assortment of tools and garlic press and say okay, and walk away. They sit
and play for hours and I save everything they make and watch to learn new
tricks they come up with, like using poppy seed pods for decoration, and
they make really neat stuff with the garlic press. I faithfully bisque all
this stuff and when they come back they have been painting them with
acrylics and I put them around my pond. However, last time I did a primitive
firing, I brushed bluestone wash over a bunch of the bisqued pieces with
garlic press strings all over them, and I put sawdust inside my pots with
lids, and placed their little pieces inside my pots like little mimi
saggars. Worked really great. I have some really remarkable granchildren
work primitive fired. All the delicate little additions stayed on just fine,
and I waxed them with future clear liquid wax when finished. Great stuff.
Everybody wants the kids work.
Sylvia See Claresholm, Alberta
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