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primitive childrens work bluestone wash

updated mon 1 mar 99


Sylvia See on fri 26 feb 99

I should have explained Bluestone in my email. Sorry about that. I have had
alot of emails asking what this is. Bluestone can be bought at most farm
supply stores. It is used for treating fence posts, and dugout water etc. It
is copper sulfate (I think). It looks like a pretty tourquoise salt. I mix
about 2 tablespoons in about 1/2 to 3/4 cup of water. Use a glass jam jar as
it eats through plastic. Also it is toxic. I wear medical rubber gloves. I
use disposable foam brushes to brush a very thin coat, 3 times alternating
the direction of application. Watch out for runs and drips as a heavy
application can eat into the pots. I apply this to pots that have been
bisqued to cone 06. I have also experimented with other soluble colorants,
but mainly stick to bluestone. All soluble colorants are very toxic and
extremely expensive. I had to special order some in from the local druggist.
But I find Bluestone reasonable priced, and easy to use.
Sylvia See
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iveragh on sun 28 feb 99

Yes "Bluestone"is copper sulphate,but if I were to ask any farm
supply store here if they have copper sulphate the answer would be a
definite NO.It is used here to prevent the spuds from getting blight and as
a cure for footrot in sheep.Farm supply stores are certainly a cheap source
of this.