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pottery retaler 'sight seeing'in germany

updated mon 1 mar 99


Josef Binder on sun 28 feb 99

Hello Mary,
received your request for pottery related 'sight seeing'
from Frank Gaydos, and I found a pretty good web page with
information for you. It4s all in German, but I guess you have
a little time to learn a bit 4til then ;-)

Museums in Germany with ceramic objects/collections you
can find under

German galeries with ceramics are listed under

You4re in Europe just four months too early: in Amsterdam the
international millenium of ceramics is celebrated from10th to
15th of Juli, this might be an occasion to go for!
Anyway, hope I4ve been of any help,
cheers, have fun in good old Germoney,
file under
Josef Binder . Suedwestkorso 63a . 12161 Berlin . Germany