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nceca parking co. of america

updated sat 6 mar 99


Rick Sherman on wed 3 mar 99

I have receive enough post asking for details on Parking Cc. of America
to warrent posting the info on Clayart. The company has 4 losts on
North 4th between Spring and Chestnut Streets. They are marked with
signs with maps of the US in red, white and blue. Really. Charges are
$3.75 per day. There are no attendants until 8 am so you have to make
arrangements to park at night as follows. Send a letter with your name,
license plant number of the car you will be parking with a check or
money order made out to Parking Co. of America and an SASE for them to
mail you a pass to put on the dashboard when you leave your car. The
address is: Parking Company of America, PO Box 15625, Columbus, OH
43215. Questions? Call Vickie Brown: (614) 224-3827.

Rick Sherman
San Jose, CA USofA

Phyllis E. Tilton on fri 5 mar 99

Hi Rick: It is interesting to me that you, on the 'left'coast, were able to
come up with more information regarding parking for NCECA. I talked wih Todd
Irwin, the parking manager for the Cols Convention Bureau. For the amount of
info he gave me, I feel it is a disservice to the people that will be parking
there, not only from our group but for other future parkers. Since I live in
Columbus, I did not receive any type of literature regarding
accomodations.However, I will be driving to the location and parking. Seems to
me, that it would be most beneficial to any convention attendee to give them
that parking information so I will contact him and talk about it. Thanks for
getting the important money saver stuff to everyone.

Phyllis Tilton