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stay-at-home mug exchange update

updated thu 4 mar 99


Chris Schafale on wed 3 mar 99

The responses are pouring in, and I'm really excited about all
the mugs that will be flying around the country soon. Several people
have commented that they missed the original message about this, so I
thought I'd post it one more time.

This exchange is intended as some consolation for those of us who
aren't able to be at NCECA and join in the mug exchange and all
the rest of the fun with the rest of you there. If you're going to
NCECA, please don't whine about being excluded from this one -- we
can do an "All-Clayart Mug Exchange" later if people want to. In my
original post, I said:

>Let's make it "mug or other small vessel-like object". Only
>people who aren't going to be at NCECA are eligible. And please
>don't sign up unless you can send something within a reasonably
>short time (maybe a couple of weeks??).

> Send me your name, email and mailing address. I'll collect names
>for the next couple of weeks --say until March 16, for the sake of
>argument -- then I'll put all the names in a hat and draw out a name
>for each person. Then I'll email you with the name and address of
>the person to whom you are to send a mug, and the name and address
>of the person from whom you will receive one.

It's also been suggested that people include a little info with the
pot they send -- like what cone it was fired to, whether ox or redux,
the glaze recipe if you are willing to share it, any other info that
might be interesting to a fellow potter. Don't get hung up on this
if you can't or don't want to do this part -- it's just a way to make
it more interesting.

Some have asked whether semi-newbies can participate. My take on it
is -- if you want to, you can. The point is to connect with other
clayarters and have fun, not to acquire museum pieces.

Others have asked whether non-functional pieces are OK. Again, I've
said, sure, why not? I guess if anyone would be terribly unhappy to
receive something non-functional, they should let me know, and
I'll try to keep you from being matched with someone who I know is
doing that kind of work. But, please, no specific requests -- I
could see this getting out of hand ("Please match me with someone who
makes food-safe pit-fired 12 oz. mugs, preferably in blue").

I guess that's all. The drawing will be on March 17 -- any names I
receive by March 16 will be included.

Looking forward to meeting some Clayarters in SC this weekend.
Light One Candle Pottery
Fuquay-Varina, NC