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rice husk ash particle size?

updated sat 6 mar 99


nikom chimnok on fri 5 mar 99

Hello Clayarters,
Anybody know what is the particle size of completely burnt rice husk
ash? I'm considering mixing it into clay as a replacement for grog, which is
hard to make.
The river clay we use here has an average particle size of 2.5
microns, which means it's extremely plastic, but dries slowly and explodes
easily. It's still throwable with 40% non-plastic ingredients added, and a
lot easier to dry and fire. Unfortunately, grinding hard-fired clay in our
hammermill tears it up really fast, and bisqued clay, tho easy to grind,
doesn't work all that well.
Thanks for any info anyone might have.
In Northeast Thailand, where the nights are still cool but the days are
blazing hot.