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nceca glaze calc survey

updated mon 15 mar 99


John Baymore on tue 9 mar 99

Hi all. I have had a very trying winter with personal life problems and
haven't had any time to participate here on CLAYART. Additionally I have
had a problem with receiving the CLAYART digest since a change to the
format it comes in which was made sometime early in the winter (my software
now won't retrieve and store it). So I haven't read any CLAYART stuff
since last fall. I miss it a lot and am working on straightening it out

I am working on some last details for my presentation at the Columbus NCECA
conference (along with Paul Lewing and Ron Roy).

Anyone who has taken a college level ceramic materials (glaze calc) course
in the last 15 years who is willing to answer a few quick email questions
about that course, could you please contact me off-list at my personal
email address. It is

For those who get the garbled code characters at times thanks to
Compuserve's unique Internet gateway problems, my email address is
JBaymore ....... the standard AT sign and then

There is no equals sign and a number in the middle of my address, but there
is an AT sign in its place.

I am still not getting CLAYART, so do not reply onlist....... I won't see
it. Thanks.

Appreciate the help.



John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086 USA


John Baymore on sat 13 mar 99

Thank you for your reply to my inquiry about a survey concerning ceramic
materials courses for my NCECA presentation. I have been pleased by the
number of responses. Please respond to the following and forward the
message back to me as soon as possible (before Monday). Thank you in

I look forward to meeting many of you at NCECA.


John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086 USA


Many of the questions below simply require Yes or No answers. Feel free to
elaborate if you wish.

1.) In what year did you (last) take a ceramic materials (glaze calc)

2.) How long was the course (how many hours per week and how many weeks)?

3.) In that course, was the use of computerized glaze calculation software
presented as part of the regular course content?

4.) Did you take any chemistry in high school or college?

5.) Did you take any algebra in high school or college?

6.) Do you currently find basic chemistry and math concepts difficult or

7.) Was the chemistry and math involved in the glaze calculation course
difficult or easy for you?

8.) Did the glaze calculation course teach you HOW the Seger molecular
formulas are derived (as opposed to just how to use software to get some

9.) Could you calculate a Seger formula from a glaze recipe by hand with a
simple calculator RIGHT NOW if you were given a table of materials analysis
as a reference?

10.) Did the materials course focus more on empirical methods or more on
technical calculation?

11.) Do you currently routinely utilize molecular calculation in order to
attempt to solve technical glaze and/or clay body problems?

12.) Do you own molecular glaze calculation software?

13.) Which software do you own?

14.) Do you find it easy to use or complicated to use?

15.) Have you had at least one significant sucess in the last few years
solving a technical glaze or clay body problem by utilizing molecular

16.) Are you able to look at a Seger molecular formula for a glaze and
make any significant predictions about some of the fired characteristics
(cone, color tendencies, surface, crazing, etc) without looking at
references such as limit tables?

17.) Do you feel that the materials course you took was a highly valuable
part of the curriculum you studied in ceramics?

18.) Do you feel that the course covered the subject adequately for your

19.) Do you feel that students studying ceramics in colleges and
universitys today are stronger technically than those of 20 years ago,
weaker technically, or about the same?

20.) If you could change ONE THING about how the glaze calculation course
you took was presented, what would that be?

Please send responses to

THANK YOU=21=21=21=21=21=21=21